Co2 Air Compressor

Panasonic has developed the world’s first CO2 rotary 2-stage compression compressor that uses the CO2 found in the natural world as a refrigerant and is, therefore, eco-friendly, and it is now offering these compressors on the market.

Can you fill a CO2 tank with an air compressor?

It is possible to refill your CO2 tank with compressed air only to discover that your gun’s firing rate is slowing or has even stopped completely. This could seriously hinder the fun of playing paintball. To avoid problems with shooting It is important to not use compressed air in the tank of CO2.

Is a CO2 compressor better than an air compressor?

The CO2 unit is made of more stainless steel, which protects from the corrosion. It’s usually larger and more durable than air compressors. This is because it’s able to take on higher pressures and vibrations. A CO2 compressor doesn’t have a direct line to the inlet.


The Benefits of a CO2 Air Compressor

The CO2 molecules are much more compact than oxygen and are a straight geometry. Therefore, it is less vulnerable to vibration than air and therefore has a lower loss of energy.

Another advantage that CO2 can bring to fill the tires of your vehicle is its capacity to expand an enormous quantity at high pressure which means you can change the bead of a tire faster than air. Furthermore, CO2 is greener than gaseous fuels like propane.